CW Club RBN Spotter info

The table on the bandmap page shows recent RBN spots of CW club members in a dynamically updated bandmap (30 seconds update interval).

In the upper part of the page, you can specify the filter options you wish to apply. The lower part of the page shows the bandmap with the matching spots.

Some details:

Do spots of your station not occur in this RBN application?

Don't you see any spots at all?

This page was created by Frank, PA4N. It was based on the original version by Fabian, DJ1YFK.
As of November 2018, Fabian took over the maintenance, further development and hosting of the CW Club Spotter.

Current users: 41

See here for the change log. Comments are welcome via email - 73 de Fabian, DJ1YFK <>

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