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The table on the bandmap page shows recent RBN spots of CW club members in a dynamically updated bandmap (30 seconds update interval).

In the upper part of the page, you can specify the filter options you wish to apply. The lower part of the page shows the bandmap with the matching spots.

Some details:

Do spots of your station not appear in this RBN application?

Don't you see any spots at all?


Connect via telnet

You can receive the spots via telnet by connecting to on port 7000. Currently filtering by club and continent is implemented for the telnet port. Any changes you make to your filters here on the website automatically applies to the telnet port. If you need multiple sets of filters, simply use SSIDs like DJ1YFK-1, DJ1YFK-2 and log in accordingly. If you think that additional filters could be helpful, let me know!

You can switch between the telnet stream filtered by club members and a raw stream (all spots) by entering set/clubs and set/raw respectively.

Ham Radio Deluxe users: If you don't see any spots, please try switching to the VE7CC output format (CC11) by entering set/ve7cc. You can switch back with set/normal


This page was created by Fabian, DJ1YFK and Frank, PA4N.
As of November 2018, Fabian took over the maintenance, further development and hosting of the CW Club Spotter. You can find the source code here:

Current users: 81 (web), 20 (telnet)

Comments are welcome via email - 73 de Fabian, DJ1YFK <>

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Last updates of member lists:

ClubWebsiteDateCalls (approx.)
CWOPSCW Operators’ Club28-November-20202598
FOCFirst Class Operators’ Club28-November-20201049
HSCHigh Speed Club28-November-20201369
VHSCVery High Speed Club28-November-2020368
SHSCSuper High Speed Club28-November-2020179
EHSCExtremely High Speed Club28-November-2020119
SKCCStraight Key Century Club28-November-202025635
AGCWArbeitsgemeinschaft CW (DL)16-November-20202253
NAQCCNorth American QRP CW Club28-November-202010461
BUGBug Users Group05-September-2020233
RCWCRussian CW Club28-November-20201466
LIDSThe Less Involved Data Society28-November-2020460
NRRNovice Rig Round-Up28-November-2020880
QRPARCIQRP Amateur Radio Club International28-November-202016907
CWJFGrupo Juizforano de CW28-November-2020468
TORCWTortugas CW Club22-June-2020255
SOCSecond Class Operators’ Club28-November-20201322
UFTUnion Française des Télégraphistes28-November-20201156
ECWARCEssex CW ARC28-November-2020549

Missing your favorite club? Get in touch!

Site changes

10-Nov-2020Add new club: Essex CW ARC
21-Oct-2020Add new club: UFT (Union Française des Télégraphistes) - tnx F5IYJ
21-Aug-2020Add a calendar of CW operating events - tnx SQ9S
27-Jul-2020Move RBN activity stats to Add support for 6m, 4m, 2m.
16-Jul-2020Show a table of CW club frequencies (optional) - tnx SQ9S
14-Jul-2020Deselecting all clubs now shows all unfiltered spots.
14-Jun-2020Added SOC
11-May-2020Added TORCW (Tortugas CW Club)
21-Apr-2020Alerts now shown all bands (not just first). Visual alert includes frequencies.
17-Apr-2020Added CWJF
09-Apr-2020Added QRP ARCI
29-Mar-2020Added NRR (Novice Rig Round-Up).
29-Mar-2020Show alerted rows in yellow to make them stand out better.
10-Mar-2020Added "Alerts". Enter calls you like to be alerted about, visually or with a Morse alert!
07-Mar-2020Added a new club: LIDS
25-Feb-2020Callsigns now either link to, or RBN Activity Reports.
25-Feb-2020New club: RCWC added.
25-Feb-2020Enable telnet port (
17-Feb-2020Make hiding/abbreviating club names optional.
12-Feb-2020Added new clubs: AGCW, NAQCC, BUG - new clubs can now easily be added!
01-Nov-2018Recognize calls with portable indicators (e.g. SP/DJ1YFK); avoid multiple spots per band for one callsign.
29-Oct-2018After running the CW Club Spotter for 5 years, Frank/PA4N hands over operations to Fabian/DJ1YFK. The new URL is:
11-Jan-2015Added support for 60 meters
11-Sep-2014Updated FOC memberships list so it recognizes alternate call signs too
15-Jan-2014Remember the 'show/hide filter' setting between sessions
05-Dec-2013Added 'self-spots' feature
01-Dec-2013Bug fix: when filtering on HSC members, members of VHSC/SHSC/EHSC but not of HSC would be shown
12-Nov-2013Added 'hide filter' option to the filter section of the page
17-Aug-2013Application is stable; no longer 'experimental'. Moved application from port 1161 to the more common port 80
19-Jun-2013Application will now be started after server reboot, so can run unattended
14-Jun-2013Removed console.log (doesn't work on IE8/IE9)
12-Jun-2013Moved info to separate page; added counter displaying # users on info page
12-Jun-2013Added table sort on all columns; added call sign filter
10-Jun-2013Filtered out non-CW spots (RTTY, PSK...)
03-Jun-2013Fixes for IE8/IE9 (X-UA-Compatible and onchange->onclick)
14-May-2013Changed bandmap-view.php to bandmap.html etc, added sequence number in call to PHP program
13-May-2013Added Google Analytics
13-May-2013Added configurable max spot age
07-May-2013Added Set all / clear all buttons
07-May-2013Added lowest-highest WPM listing
05-May-2013Added VHSC, SHSC, EHSC
05-May-2013Added band filter
04-May-2013Fixed setting of cookies, fixed race condition regarding 'onload'
04-May-2013Added cookies, SKCC, updated layout, changelog. More speed options
02-May-2013Split source code into view and model
01-May-2013Added speed filtering
30-Apr-2013Added FISTS
26-Apr-2013First version by Frank, PA4N. Support for CWops and HSC added
12-Jan-2013Original version for FOC, by Fabian, DJ1YFK

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